2 comments on “You Are What You…Believe? Media Consumption & the Resistance to Think Critically

  1. Dear Ms. Abdel Aziz.

    The image associated with “How the media can manipulate our viewpoint” has forced me to reiterate certain truths exhibited by the American military time and time again. “No greater friend, no worse foe” is the oft used phrase that comes to mind.

    In a defensive stature I must ask, which Middle-Eastern military would give American Troops water at the end of a battle? Its what we Soldiers do. We defeat an opposing force with the necessary amount of fire-power, call it a day, and do everything physically possible to end hostilities.

    I am not accusing you of any commentary with the inclusion of the image in question – I just saw it fit to put my comments out there in relation to what we both saw as an exemplary visage of storytelling in image.

    US Army Reserves
    Civil Affairs

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